How old is my building?

Dating buildings….

How many times have I heard that “I have a 300 year old barn that is falling in and is unsafe or the floors are falling in and there probably isn’t anything there that is any good, but……” it almost always ends in, is there any interest? Intrigued is more like it!! I will ask for a few pics of the barn, one or two of the outside and a few from the inside with a couple close ups of the unpainted beams. Thus, the process has started….

When I get to the site, I have already figured that the building may or may not be what was described but, already with the pictures, I know what to look for. Nails, forged or cut. Ridge or peak of the barn. What is it? Straight posts or flared posts. Saw marks on the boards. Are they straight across or do they have a circular pattern? Windows usually will have been replaced if there are any at all, but there may be one or two that may be original. Trim on the outside, Is there any extra detailing? Last but certainly not the end, Foundation. What are the materials that make up the single strongest part of the barn? 

I don’t go to the town hall and look in the tax records. because with all due respect to our municipal workers, most are simply uneducated and are using different criteria for their purposes and use a different system(WAG). More next time! 

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