Winter Projects

Customer range from those that use antique lumber for the building of furniture and home decor projects to those that are repairing older homes to keep them looking as pristing as they were when they were first built.

In today’s economic climate, sprucing up or repairing one’s home and putting the time, energy, effort and love into an older home, is becoming priority #1.  The old growth timber and lumber is a different quality material than what is available at your local box store.  The character, including knots and such, in the new timber shrinks and changes as a result of being kiln dried.  The colors are very different as the new timber is from immature trees.  Just comparing the two side by side, tells the story. This is one reason why my wife chose to use antique chestnut as a wallboard in part of our home, due to the rich and warm appearance, without any added stain!

Homes that are in historic districts typically are going to require antique board and beams to keep their homes in line with the historic character as well as retaining the value that goes with doing so.

We encourage the use of our antique materials for the obvious recycling of existing materials which naturally is an ecologically sound path as well!   Not to mention the character of the antique material, versus the “plain jane” appearance of the material that’s available in the box stores.

As always, we move ahead in this adventure, with you in mind, saving one old board at a time!

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